Monday, December 06, 2004

Countries with Dictatorship

All over the world there are many countries that are run by a dictatorship government. Countries on the west side of the world are mostly run by governments other than dictatorships, but many dictatorships still exist in Africa and Asia.
Cuba is one country that is run by a dictatorship. The dictator's name is Fidel Castro, and has ruled Cuba for 44 consecutive years! Many people feel like he is running an unfair government and is responsible for an amazingly large amount of judicial executions. Many cubans feel as though Castro is an unfair leader, which is why many of them escape Cuba to go to America. Castro does not get along well with the Americans, and does not let industrial trade go on legally between the two countries. Castro is in decent health though he recently fell off a stage and fractured his arm and knee. Castro claims that if he dies then his brother Raul will become dictator of Cuba. The US has tried to make Cuba a nation under a democracy, but has so far been unsuccesful.
Another country that is run by a dictator is Iraq. Saddam Hussein, who is known as one of the most evil dictators, used to have complete control over Iraq. Saddam let his people starve while he lived in royalty. He had many castles that he lived in and had many statues of him. Rumors stated that Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction, but no weapons were actually found. Hussein was elected in the late 1950s and served up until he was captured by US soldiers. Americans are now trying to rebuild Iraq under a democracy government.

Saddam Hussein looked like this when he was captured by American soldiers.


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